PUBG Mobile 2 Release Date Confirm || By PlayerIGN || Based On 2051

PUBG mobile 2 release date confirm by PlayerIGN 

PUBG Mobile  2


PlayerIGN Says Pubg MObile 2 May Release Next Week

PUBG Mobile two launch might happen as early as next week for golem and iOS users

The game are set within the PUBG universe within the year 2051 and have a ‘futuristic’ aesthetic

It will additionally associate with a brand-new map and new gameplay parts like deployable bunkers and drones

Reports of Krafton acting on a PUBG Mobile sequel and alternative titles set within the PUBG Universe are around for quite a while currently. One in every of them speculated that PUBG Mobile two would be free by Gregorian calendar month 2020. A (now deleted) Weibo post, via PlayerIGN on Twitter, suggests that PUBG Mobile two launch can be as early as next week. As mentioned earlier, PUBG Mobile two are set during a future iteration of the PUBG universe (the year 2051, specifically). Among alternative things, it'll get a brand-new map, a ‘futuristic style’ and a lot of. PUBG Mobile two are obtainable on each of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

PUBG Mobile two options

Some other rumored PUBG Mobile two enhancements embody drones and deployable bunkers, that ought to add a full new dimension to the somewhat aging mechanics of Battle Royale games. It's doable that PUBG Mobile two won't be obtainable globally at launch. Its developer, Krafton, can terribly seemingly announce it next week, solicit players for a trial run and so launch a full version many weeks or perhaps months when the initial reveal.

Main Higlights
Pubg Mobile To Be Launched.In Which you have to see new weapons.In which you will get to see HD graphics.Which is to a large extent on the new generation.In it you will get to see very good maps which you can play.This game will be completely based on 2051,in which you will get to see drones and missiles.I think this game will come soon.We provide such information for you


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