Peoples Facing Jio Network Issue By Making Calls and Using Internet

Mumbai Peoples Are Facing Jio Network Issue By Making Phone calls and Internet Disrupt


All of us know that Jio becomes the number one telecom company provider in India after his scheme of giving free internet to engage more customers to his service. But their plans succeed by making history in the telecom company and now Jio is the one and only telecom company that serves millions of Indian customers from most locations some users are still on their old telecom company because of their trust and services for long years. 

Mukesh Ambani's great strategy to overcome the problem of fast internet in India has succeeded but with many consequences that can be seen easily but the problem that it hides its all perilous area because more than 80 percent of people in India are using the Jio Network. The same situation nowadays is coming and most the people are facing internet and calls issues due to large connections in the background of Jio Network. But no Jio ensures their customers that it is because of the coming of the 5G network. Is that true with an up-gradation of network old one becomes expire and would not work in future like working in past when it launches. This all big plan is a strategy to make the customer buy their new plans and upgrade their network with 5G.

"A plan that makes the whole society work" is meaning same as the strategy used by Jio to overcome and finish the race against telecom companies. We all know dirty secrets about how society works with discrimination and race amongst the people. Same likewise the Jio has done to his telecom partners and by making them out of the race that's the reason why BSNL is still running on a 3G network, where the world is now finally testing and sooner comes with 5G network. The plans will be expensive but it is worth buying a 5G network for every people. The question is up to people if they find out how this scam works then there will be a better future maybe then they will help BSNL to grow.

Internet world

 Is Internet Speed is everything?

This is the question that comes to everyone's mind is internet speed can change the world the answer is yes. The reason for is yes is that India is a democratic country where all types of people rich and poor live together. If one person is rich then there are 10 times of people that are poor. In India, the rich is, even more, richer, and the poor is in respect to them more and there comes middle-level family who pissed between them. After the rise of covid, many peoples have lost their jobs and most of the people have no work to do in lockdown, so the wide people and customers online on the internet in lockdown this arise many opportunities to telecom companies and the result of this rise in the cost of internet plans.

Signals in the sky

This is the answer related to physics theory on how communication works. We all know that wireless communication is through signals. So how can telecom companies charge you for the signals that surround the air? The answer to this question is these telecom companies have brought their tower where every customer's cell phone has a unique id and their towers help them to communicate them together like a honeycomb chain if one tower is connected to another and they pass their signals to one other. The perfect example of this theory is as follows :

1. Let's assume you are in the range of tower "A" area and the node of tower  "A" connected to several towers "B" and "C" etc.

2. When you call a person whose cellphone is in the "C" tower range then3. the signal first passes to tower "A" then "B" then "C" and finally to the customer. 

3. So the whole cycle repeats for every cellphone signal.   

telecom consumers


This is the way how the communication mode works. So this is always a challenge for telecom companies to set up these towers, but the main reason why their cost is high is that the radiation that comes from these towers leads to several diseases in living bodies. With every new generation of the internet grows the number of radiations in our world.

World Without Internet

This is the worst-case scenario. If the world has no internet then there will be no communication there will be no market share and lots more. Without news, the whole world is not aware of what is going on in the world. The economy falls rapidly. There is no such way to record a customer in a bank. There will be a new world with the shine in the sky and nature and people's health.

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