Release of Rajiv Gandhi assassin

Rajiv Gandhi: The life story of the former Prime Minister of India. co-authored with a Social Media Manager.


We are proud to announce the release of our book titled 'Rajiv Gandhi: The Life Story of the Former Prime Minister of India'.

The book was written by Mr. Murali Krishnan, a former journalist, who has covered some of the most important events in our country. He has been working with us as a Social Media Manager for more than a year now and has been instrumental in bringing us closer to our readers through his work.

This book is a compilation of all that he had witnessed during his time as an active journalist. The book is about the life story of Rajiv Gandhi, who was one of India's most popular prime ministers.

Who ordered the release of Rajiv Gandhi's assassin?

A former member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and a Bollywood actress have claimed that Rajiv Gandhi's assassin was released from prison by an order from the then chief minister Manohar Joshi.

The claim comes in the wake of recent disclosures by MLC Sanjay Dutt that he had met Sivarasan at Pune's Yerwada Jail in connection with a film project.

Dutt told Mumbai Mirror that he had gone to meet Sivarasan in jail along with his wife Manyata, who played the role of Rajiv Gandhi's wife Sonia Gandhi in 'Rajneeti'.

"Manyata wanted to play Sonia Gandhi in the film. We went to meet him in prison and he agreed," he said.

Manyata said: "I met him once or twice when we went there for some work."

Sivarasan was lodged in Yerwada Jail for several years after being convicted for conspiracy behind Rajiv Gandhi's assassination in 1991. He was later transferred to Vellore Central Prison where he died under mysterious circumstances on 21 April 1991.

Who is Perumal Gandhi? everything you need to know about Rajiv Gandhi's assassin and the life and history of famous Rajiv Gandhi assassin.

Perumal Gandhi was a Tamilian and the assassin of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He was convicted of the murder in 1998 and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Perumal Gandhi is a native of Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu. He was born on September 3, 1955, at Thirumanancheri village near Madurai to Gnanam and Anbuchelvi.

Gandhi had a brother named Rajavelu and sister named Selvi. He completed his schooling from St Joseph's School in Madurai and graduated from Madurai Agricultural College in 1974. He then worked as an agriculture officer for some time before joining politics. The assassination took place on May 21, 1991 when Rajiv Gandhi was campaigning for Lok Sabha elections from the Sriperumbudur constituency against DMK leader M Karunanidhi. The assassination led to his death within seconds after he was shot twice by Perumal Gandhi.[1]

5 Reasons Why we loved Rajiv Gandhi

Here are 5 reasons why we loved Rajiv Gandhi.

1. He was a family man.

2. He was a great leader who handled issues in an efficient and timely manner.

3. He was a visionary who has made our country what it is today.

4. He gave us hope for the future of India and what it could be like if we worked hard enough to make it happen.

5. He was the first common man Prime Minister of India who made us believe that anything was possible as long as you worked hard enough for it

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