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Get Organic Traffic From Google Using Seo Trick

How SEO can help you to get millions of impressions in a month. To rank your website and get more traffic to your blog and other kinds of website you need to make sure that the SEO and the ranking is done to the website.SEO and Large content on your website have more traffic in time. Let you know some things that how SEO will work to get you more organic traffic. You should know some HTML stuff to start with SEO. HTML is a Hypertext markup language and used to create the website page and it is a basic structure of a website and we can style the content using CSS. So there are some tags in HTML that will help you to do SEO to your website. The main tag in the head section of an HTML structure. The tag name that describes best your website is about what topic is a meta tag. A meta description tag that helps you to rank a website on google.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - Seo is the skills to maintain your website content to get rank on google and other search engine platform. Basication the SEO tags are helpful to get bots to know about your website content to rank a website on different keywords you need to put all the keywords on the website page in paragraph and different headings. 
  • Meta Tag HTML - Meta tag in HTML is able to describe your website content. Basically, it is a short summary of your website content. You can below check the code of HTML structure for SEO.


        <TITLE>Your Title | Like This | For SEO Optimization </TITLE>
       <meta name="description" content="Your page summary should be between 150 to  160 words  to get rank higher" />
        <meta name="keywords" content=" Placing Keywords Here can help you to rank your website on the particular keyword" />

  • Heading (H1 to H6) - Work with heading tags to get your website ranking higher. You have to know the important thing that in SEO heading tags plays a big role. You should make sure that each heading tag should have a structure like below and make sure only one H1 tag present on your website. The H1 tag should contain the keywords of your website so your website ranks accordingly.
<h1>Your Heading must be place here</h1>
<p>Your heading keywords should be used in the paragraph too.</p>

<h2>Sub heading</h2>
<p>Subheading Text</p>

  • Keywords - Work with the trending keywords helps you to ranks higher and increase your organic traffic. Use the keywords in your paragraph and heading section and get more organic traffic on those keywords. Make sure your content should be unique.

  • High-Quality Content - Make sure your content is unique otherwise your website is not rank higher. Google and other search engines use algorithms to check copyright content. If they find the copy content they will rank you down even they can ban your website too.

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