Top 5 Programming languages you should learn in 2021

Top programming languages in 2021 that will land you in your dream job

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1. Python

The first programming language that you should learn in the year 2021 is "Python". Python is the most popular language used in different real-world problems like Cloud Computing and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, Python is easy to learn for beginners but deep you go in advance. If you shift to python there are lots of scope and job opportunities. Python is like a snake that has a very unique structure of code and can move with any stuff like web development, robotics, data science, and artificial intelligence. If you are a beginner then you should go with python because it has a lot of opportunities in different areas and you can choose any of them according to your interest. The big advantage of using python is that it provides you prebuild libraries that you can use in your projects and development. 

Python Code for Hello User

# This program prints Hello, User!

print('Hello, User!')

2. Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language and is widely used in product-based companies it is very secure and you can run java code on any machine which has JVM(Java Virtual Machine) installed. If you have study about java then you realize that most of the modern projects running on the internet are built in java not because of its popularity because it uses the compiler that makes the processing faster than ever. Java code first compiles and then interprets by JVM. Working on this programming is good for your start. Its code is a little lengthy but it has huge scope and job opportunities in the It market. When you learn java then you learn more of its components like servlets and apache server which are used to create a website development and also it is used in creating desktop application tools too. Java becomes more popular because it not only used in web development and desktop apps but also used in making android apps. Yes I am right you can code in android studio with java and it the basic framework language that used in building android apps.  

Java code for Hello World

public class HelloWorld {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Write your code here

3. JavaScript

One question in your mind is developing why javascript we already have discuss java as a programming language. Then make your answer clear that java and javascript are totally different programming languages and javascript is used in front-end development. But with time javascript create a huge play role in the market because it becomes a part of the internet and many platforms like google and other used this language to send their response and building API messages also it creates a huge impact on it sector after the release of it different framework version which attracts all the development projects. Here is a different version that is popular the first one is angular js which is the most used and popular framework for building web apps then the node js and finally they react and Vue js. Still, you confuse because why having this different js. Then let you know angular js is used for front-end and node js is used for backend and react js and Vue js are used to load the data dynamically without your page load and refresh. 

JS Code 

        // This will print the Hello World in console box
 console.log('Hello World');

4. PHP (Preprocessor Hypertext Programming language)

This is the programming language that you know maybe because most of the websites on the internet are developed in PHP. Many say PHP is old and it loses its scope but they wrong it is the world's most used language for building web apps. Also with the new version, it has lots of security features and libraries. If you are a beginner and want to start a career in web development then this programming language is the "cherry on the cake" for you but if you are an all-rounder and want to do more other than web development then this programming is not the best option because it is only used in web development and you can not use it for other purposes like desktop apps and app development. But PHP provides you very good frameworks and it is easy to learn for beginners. The most commonly used framework for PHP is Laravel. There are lots of job opportunities for Laravel developers. 

PHP code

    // Hello World in PHP
        echo "Hellow World";

5. C/C++/C#

With C it is like old is gold. Yes, it's right C/C++ are the top system programming languages and most of the operating system platforms that you use on your pc and laptops are written in C programming language. Windows operating system is an example of this. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft is making their OS and different services for users in the C language. C++ is the advanced version of C and it provides some features like object-oriented programming and other but you can implement them in c too but takes your time to write such lengthy code. But you can create your own logic in C. In the market these programming languages having huge demands. 

C Code for Hello World

#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
   // printf() displays the string inside quotation
   printf("Hello, World!");
   return 0;

These are the top 5 programming languagaes of 2021 which you should learn this year and PHP is the most used programming for the web development but their are some cons and pron of using PHP but you can go with python because Pyhon for beginner is best and also you can use Pyhton for the data science. If you are looking for android app development then you can start with java and it has more job opportunities and requirement in market.

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