Repeated CT Scans in mid covid can be dangerous said by AIIMS Director

How the repeated CT Scan can cause cancer said by the AIIMS Director

AIIMS Director

After a long year covid wave is again on peek in the month of April. India has got the highest cases records 4 lacs per day that are very high and according to news in Delhi the situation of the covid is so much worsen day by day patients died due to the deficiency of oxygen cylinders. The records say that every 4 minutes there is one patient died due to the coronavirus in India. Whom do we blame is not the proper way to handle this situation we have to take steps for the precaution from the virus.

Why check the proper recovery covid patients suggested doing the ct scan of their body? 

This question comes to everyone's mind that many of the covid patients don't take risks to admit into the hospital and make themself in the home quarantine. Also, the doctors and the hospitals don't have enough beds to provide for every covid patient. So only the patients whose situation is more critical are only admitted into the hospitals. Others are suggested to make themself into the home quarantine. For a full recovery, they are suggested to do their body CT scan. The problem is not for ct scan if you do it one or two times but if you getting yourself virus many times and do the CT scan multiple times and to test for virus then it would be dangerous.

covid 19

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Director Dr. Randeep Guleria has said that repeated ct scan in mid covid 19 situations can cause more hard than good for any patient recovering from covid 19. They said that in this mid-wave of covid 19 if any covid patients who are repeatedly doing their CT scan for the covid test can cause cancer. After this mid-wave of covid government is decided to announce a lockdown in the whole country. If India will even survive the wave there are more chances to grow the India GDP and growth rate. After the lockdown in the country, there is hope that we can come back and fight against the covid 19. In recent days the cases are dropped so it's up to us to reduce the graph and make our country virus-free.

There are some important and interesting facts that you should know about the COVID that why it is named as the covid. Here "CO" stands for Corona and "VI" stands for virus and "D" stands for Disease and they all together form the word COVID - Corona Virus Disease. If you want your body to recover faster from this disease then you can do yoga. There are some breathing exercises that will help you to recover faster from the virus. 


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