Loki Next Episode Infinity Stones Theory May Reveal The Ending

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Loki set a large benchmark for the Marvel Medium Universe. Once a dozen movies targeted round the search for the Time Stones, Norse deity relegated them to nada however table decorations within the strange, retro-futurist Time Variance Authority headquarters. however, their story within the MCU is also off from over.
A new theory suggests they will have really been influencing the events of Norse deity right along, hinting that there’s still a lot of to be finished Marvel’s final McGuffins.

TikTokker @she_loves_Marvel found a noteworthy association between the TV series and therefore the Time Stones. She posits every single episode of Norse deity is influenced and impressed by a special Stone. every episode thus far features a specific color and theme that corresponds with a Stone, effort 2 for the ultimate 2 episodes. Here’s however it all breaks down.
In episode one — The Soul Stone — the whole lot of the TVA is colored with orange, and the Norse deity goes through a stop that might obliterate him if he didn’t have a soul. (He will have one.)

Loki - infinity stones

Episode a pair of — the truth Stone — once Sylvie seems, the lighting shifts to a stark red, a bit like the color of the stone. therein moment, Norse deity queries his own reality additionally because the reality wherever Sylvie is coming back from.
Episode three — the facility Stone — once Norse deity and Sylvie are on Laminitis, they're enclosed by purple tones. this is often the episode wherever Norse deity and Sylvie discuss and show their varied powers, whereas dealing with being helpless to the TVA and therefore the apocalypse.

Episode four — The Mind Stone — Episode four features a heap of gold tones, and it’s the episode wherever August Ferdinand Mobius and Hunter B-15 come back face-to-face with the mind management and indoctrination the TVA has to place them through.
This means the 2 stones left for the 2 remaining episodes are the area Stone and Time Stone. TikTok @straw_hat_goofy enlarged on this original theory and speculated on the ultimate 2. in step with this theory, Episode five are impressed by the area Stone, because it can depict Loki’s transportation through to Associate in the Nursing alternate big apple, and therefore the few shots we’ve seen of subsequent episode ar tinted blue.
That leaves the Time Stone for the finale, which may be a poetically fitting alternative. Norse deity has invariably been concerning time travel, and therefore the Time Stone is inexperienced, Loki’s signature color. the speculation additionally states the long-teased Kang the victor looks as additional proof the finale can embrace longer shenanigans, however, that continues to be seen.

The fact that Norse deity has six episodes for 6 time Stones is also a coincidence, however, it’s superb thanks to exploring every episode as Associate in a Nursing examination of however every Stone has affected those around it and as a sort of performance for them.
Will Norse deity really acknowledge this connection? presumably. WandaVision had a meta clarification for what impressed its episodes, and Norse deity may actually follow in its footsteps.


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